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Monday, oi who loves the Monday any way! Monday is not keeping me from producing projects today :D. I took out some sculpey and made some kitty heads so they can be placed on necklaces, I made three one smaller than the other. I am going to paint them and doll them out later on today. My main project is-besides doing laundry and cleaning the house while my little Emma is running around helping mommy-i am going to see about taking a piece from Bessie(sewing machine) and seeing if it will work on my old machine(Gwennie). If so I am back in business, cause I been in such a sewing freak now. :D I want to sew!!! Any who Back to work I go, @ 2 i must pick up Lillian from school. So have fun today and i hope you guys enjoyed my cookie how too! Photobucket





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