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I have found that in my life of 48 years that I have rarely been bored. If I find myself in a situation where I am left waiting in a place with no outside means to entertain myself, then I have always looked inside to see what is on the shelves to pull from my brain... Let's see... There is the "If I could decorate a room to just my liking and cost, size, and location were not important... what would it look like?" dream I can relax and think of that for awhile. Oh, and there is the "What crochet pattern can I come up with next to use on my next item" thought... Then there is always the "Make a list of ... so that you will be ready for ... " so you can get it done faster and not forget something later. But mostly I have my oversized bag I bring with my current crochet project with me. I also love to look at people as they stroll by. At home there is cooking, cleaning, getting on the 'puter... crocheting, oh cleaning, watching favorite shows, working, sleeping, and then trying to interact with actual people too... I could really use another 12 hours or so in a day to get is all done! Unfortunatly, it is my sleep I am not getting and that is counter productive! So, I get on 'puter and fall asleep, then crochet and fall asleep, then cook/clean/sit down to fold laundry a minute and fall asleep... sheesh... What has really surprised me the most is that time goes by faster the older you get and not slower like I thought it would. Why is that, I wonder? Could it be that we are impaient while young and always wanting time to go faster so that some event will happen sooner thus it seems to go slower? Or that as we grow older that we don't want certain events to happen and thus it creeps up on us seemingly faster? Or as youngsters we are too busy to realize how fast time is flying and as we grow older we forget the time between events so that it seems time flies? I do know that if you are enjoying yourself, doing something that is fun, then time seems to go faster... that if you are doing something that you don't like OR that you are waiting for something to happen at a certain time, that it seems to creep by... So would that mean that as we get older that we actually do enjoy life more so than someone young? Hmmm, now there is food for thought!





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