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Belive it or not but I actually hate chocolate! I've never liked the stuff and it's got nothing to do with genetics and the rest of my family eat it. It has a horrible taste to it. I don't understand what's so good about it. I'd describe it as an edible rock- it's just hard and blaaah! Even when I was little I wouldn't eat it. It's never appealed and I even tried it again to see if my taste buds have changed but well lets just say it didn't stay in my mouth for too long! People always say I'm crazy but I'm glad I don't eat it coz I'm a lot healthier! I should probably mention I don't eat gum, fizzy drinks, lollies(this includes marshmellows and liquorice) and have never even had a sip of alcohol!




Lucía · Montevideo, Montevideo Dept, UY · 9 projects
As for myself I don't like ice-cream at all, and I get weird looks from everyone who learns this, so I understand what you feel when they say you're crazy! I don't drink alcohol either, but I do love chocolate Happy
Ariel Greenwood
Ariel Greenwood · Lake Elsinore, California, US · 108 projects
chocolate actually isn't that unhealthy, when you eat real chocolate it has lots of antioxidants, but i completely agree with you, the only chocolate i've ever been able to stand is hershey's milk and only on rare occasions
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1432 projects
I wish I hated chocolate, you're so lucky.
Courtney Couture
Courtney Couture · Keller, Texas, US · 20 projects
yeah....youre sooo luckee....but i do hate french fries, so im better off for that i guess....but go you!
Eien · Conyers, Georgia, US · 3 projects
Everyone's taste buds are different. Some of us taste bitter things more, or salty things. It makes food interesting.

Well, you'll probably turn out all the healthier for it. That kinda stuff has some major calories and additives in it.


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