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If you're keen to discover what might be in style over the coming year, then Trends 2009/10 from Central Saint Martins by Kevil Tallon may give you a very good idea of what to expect.

By exploring the most initiative in emerging art and design, from the "early adopters", they aim to uncover upcoming trends for 2009 onwards. Filled with predictions for future styles, this photography book contains some clever, unusual and very interesting ideas. Including a sewing stereo machine, where the stitches are controlled by sound waves, and a shredder that feeds in to a hamster cage, where the unwanted paper is turned in to bedding. 

I particularly liked the Normadic Solutions section, with ideas like quirky and off-balanced bookcases, and the Eccentric Escapism category, with a 1 tonne hanging ceiling lamp. The Affordable Beauty category aims to give new life to old objects, with designs such as crate box chairs and a chandelier made from banana packaging. This book combines the world of fashion, architecture, product design and fine art, to create an inspiring and informative read.

Published by Batsford. Order a copy for only £12.00 including free UK p&p. Call 0870 787 1613 and quote reference CH1094. You can pick up a copy of the book from Anova now.




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