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I look like a housewife >.O Hahahaha I guess I like it? :D I'm trying out how I look in high waisted skirts. Ehh? What I'm wearing: -Red "Northern Downpour" tshirt (Yeeeee :]) -Red bug print ruffled skirt (diyed by me)[wearing it high waisted for a try] -Red bandana -Black mary jane heels -"Pearl" necklace and gold sparrow necklace -Bracelets (Only four total :o) Makeup: -Red shadow with black crease -Black cat liner -Red lipstick :]
You can't see my outfit very well D": But this was my outfit for xmas eve. What I'm wearing: -Black and gray striped tunic sweater -Black jeans -Black maryjane heels -Assorted necklaces and bracelets Makeup: -Candy cane (red and white) liner :D So ~festive.

Chrrrrrrrrristmas outfit. What I'm wearing: -White with blue, purple, and pink cassette tapes hoodie (Gift from sistaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and Aj <3! TYTYTYTY :D) -Denim skirt (oh boy, this needs some diy-ing -_- I had to hike it up about ten feet for it to look decent. Nice try though, mom! XD) -Purple tights (Gift <3!) -Blue converse -Blahblahblah necklaces and bracelets (including new kitty cat one from my little cousin <3! :]) -White studded belt -Pink peace sign earrings (gift) -Dino hair bows and clips (TY HAILEY :D) Makeup: (I LOOOOOOVED my makeup today :]) -Hot pink inner corner, light blue and darkish blue outer corner with purple crease (the picture just doesn't do the colors justice. It was AWESOME) -Black cat liner (IT WAS PERFECT ZOMG. hahaha) -Aqua liner (TY ALEXIS :])




Courtney Couture
Courtney Couture · Keller, Texas, US · 20 projects
oh my gosh i love the northern downpour shirt!!!


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