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Sunday's Outfit

Today I feelstripey!
What I'm wearing: -Brown striped PATD hoodie (MY FAV HOODIE EVAAAAAAAAAR :D) -Jeans(Not pictured) -Plaid flats (Also not pictured, but pictured in a previous post) -Assorted necklaces Makeup: -Brown vertical stripes -Black wing eyeliner (To match my hoodie! :D Just different directions) Monday's Outfit

Today I feel stripey!, again.
What I'm wearing: -Black guitar/drum tshirt -Black PATD hoodie -Assorted necklaces -Assorted hairclips -Blue converse Makeup: -Black and white stripes (I loved the striped makeup so much I wore it again this day! :D XD) Tuesday's Outfit

Today I feel .... like wearing my fav hoodie again :D
What I'm wearing: -Orange flower printed cami -Brown PATD striped hoodie -Jeans -Blue converse -Orange and yellow hairclips Makeup: -Yellow, orange, and red shadow -Black wing liner Wednesday's Outfit

Today I feel punk/dark decora
What I'm wearing: -Hot pink ripped tights sleeves (made myself) -Black ruffle top -Zebra print short sleeved hoodie -Pink plaid skirt(LOVE) -Black and white striped tights -Black boots -Assorted necklaces -Assorted bracelets -White studded belt Makeup: -Black liner and shadow -Assorted hair clips (Pink, skeleton hands, purple, etc) (I've noticed that my Friday/end of the week outfits seem to be the cutest :] IMO anyway) [I LOVED this outfit. Other than my garter falling down and having to be removed -_-] Also: BEHOLD MY SUPER RAD BEAD COLLECTION OF DOOM ~~~~~
Hahaha. I need more string! D:< XD Thats whats up. <3!




Ariel Greenwood
Ariel Greenwood · Lake Elsinore, California, US · 108 projects
Omg I love your jewlery! And your bead collection is breathtaking!


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