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Peach Berserk is an amazing, talented lady and her book, Silkscreen Now, will teach you everything that you need to know to become a "silkscreen star". A handy DVD is included with the book, in which Peach will teach you all the tips and tricks that you will need to know, from her wonderful and kitschy studio in downtown Toronto.

Learn how to set up your own studio, create a light table and build a frame so that you can start printing. The aim is to use inexpensive materials, while recycling and repurposing where possible, to make silkscreening cheaper and easier than ever. The book will talk you through all the equipment, tools and supplies you'll need to use and provides adorable step-by-step illustrations, as well as photos, to guide you through the various processes. Learn how to work with various inks and paints, and learn how to cut stencils to achieve different styles and multi-coloured prints.

Once you've mastered the techniques, try out some fabulous projects including a No Comment Vintage Outfit, some Hopeless Romantic Pillowcases or the Not Your Great-Auntie's Silk Scarf. This book is comprehensive and complete, making it a great starting point for any newcomer to silkscreening.

Find out more about Peach Berserk, or pick up a copy of the book, on her website.




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