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If you get a guilty feeling when taking out the trash, as though there was some use for a bunch of it, then Rubbish! has all the answers you've been looking for. Kate Shoup loves recycling and in this book, she's gathered together an army of crafters to show you how to reuse and repurpose common household junk.

Starting with a guide on what to hold on to or collect, you soon begin to realize what items are "diamonds in the rough". Turn broken up credit cards in to a Good Credit bracelet, cut up wine corks for a Put A Cork In It Bracelet, or give new life to old circuit boards with some Vive La Resistor earrings. There are 30 projects in total but my favorites were definitely the You're So Negative lamp made from photo negatives and this utterly adorable Brut Strength cork man.

This book goes to show that one person's trash is another person's craft supplies. Filled with neat and clever ideas for recycling, you can feel good about your crafting.

Pick up a copy of the book from Wiley or Amazon now.




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