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The Bead Maker by Mary Maguire is a great book for all those bead-crazy crafters out there. Sometimes it's easy to forget that you can actually make beads yourself, as their something you use to make other things, but as this book will teach you, there are dozens of ways to make your own.

The book includes a variety of techniques for making your beads, such as embroidery, molding, felting and papier mache. The beads are also made from a wide range of materials including clay, candy foil, plastic, paper and natural items like spices, shells, stones and seeds. My favorites were the embroidered Clever Cubes, adorable Dabbling Ducks and the Spotted & Striped felted beads.

Making your own beads is a great way to save money, recycle and be creative from the complete start to finish of your project.

Pick up a copy of the book from Collins & Brown.

Order a copy for only £12.00. Call 0870 787 1613 and quote reference CH1069




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