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I love the saying, "Think outside the box" but how many can truly do just that? We are raised to conform to society's standards and to think all in the same way... When you learn to play any instrument, you are taught the scales... over and over... When taught to do anything, we can all compare how we were taught and see just how similar they all are. I think because of this, we have a hard time letting go of our creative side and explore a whole new world… Take a piece of paper and draw a house, tree, car, and some people but color them different colors… a yellow sky with a green sun. A pink car with orange tires, 3 on each side… A house with the chimney on the side! People with blue hair… Anything you can come up with and see what people say. Right, they will think you are crazy! Picasso was thought of being crazy too, and still is in some circles. So, how do we release our creativity? I do an exercise where I look at a box or anything else sitting around and think in Dr Seuss visuals and wonder what he would have done with it! A wrap around TV for 360 degree viewing… A car you can steer by using your eye movements or voice… Much faster reaction times doing that, wouldn’t you say? I know… how about a bed that reacts to your mood by monitoring you pulse, blood pressure, temperature, and tightness of muscles? It automatically adjusts to either warm or cool, massages tight muscles, and puts on soothing music to relax as well… What about your cell phone that now can text, talk, surf the net, and play music on… what if you could buy things by using a beam to give your info to a vending machine or cashier? Or have the phone unfold into a useable size for larger viewing of the screen? So, tell me… what do you fancy wanting to do but have felt held back because you thought someone would criticize you for your creation? Mine would be an animal that wasn’t fashioned after any type of animal at all but just something I thought would look cute. I guess my Cherree Fluff is sort of like that though, looking part monkey and part dog.




Shivi · Perth, Western Australia, AU · 14 projects
Nice blog! I'm going to go grab my sketch book!


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