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Here's a new Thanksgiving tradition, so that vegans, vegetarians and animal lovers can enjoy a turkey too.

Don't eat turkey, adopt one at Adopt A Turkey.

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If you think that your socks sometimes smells worse than the undead, then why not make them into the undead with this awesome Sock Skeleton tutorial.

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If your old bike is a heap of junk, why not recycle it in to a heap of furniture?

That's what the clever designers at Bike Furniture did, using old parts to create stylish chairs, tables and other household accessories.

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Today has been full of pumpkins and the free pattern of the day from Annie's Attic just happens to be for Pumpkin Coasters. How cute!

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How cute is this Pumpkin Hat? Keep yourself warm on Halloween and knit one for yourself, from the pattern on Crafty Crafty.

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Creep out your friends with a pair of felted Eyeball Earrings from Knit Knit.

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Ever wondered how waiters do fancy napkin origami?

Bright Settings have posted a set of easy to follow photo tutorials for folding your napkins in to a variety of shapes. Now you can feel like the hostess queen at your next dinner party.

Heidi of My Paper Crane has posted Halloween Lollipop Covers to download from her blog.

What an excellent way to add a bit of spook to your trick-or-treat lollipops.

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WTF Zup have posted 25 amazing everyday do-it-yourself inventions which are very very clever.

Our favourite invention is the chopstick helper, where they've taken the wire clasp from a peg and attached it to a pair of chopsticks. Perfect for kids or newbie noodle eaters.

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It's creeping nearer and nearer to Halloween, the best time of the year.

If you're looking for some pumpkin inspiration, check out the Pumpkin Group on Flickr, where members have posted photos of their pumpkin carvings, pumpkin creations and all things pumpkin.

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