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I don't know about you guys, but I find it really hard to wake up in the morning, especially on the weekend. So this Saturday, to ease yourself up and out of the bed, stick on the Adam & Joe radio show on BBC 6 Music. They've got a new Saturday morning radio show from 9am - 12pm and you can listen to it live, or listen back for a week, via the website.

If you've got no idea who I'm talking about, check out the interview I did with them for the Comic Book Issue of Snippets.

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If you're a little mentally disturbed don't worry too much, because there's knitting patterns perfect for you too!

Knitting For Psychos illustrates some gory, but cute knits, including blood severed teddy bears, siamese teddy bears and baby munching crocodiles.

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Instead of going down the traditional route of cooking a turkey this thanksgiving, why not bake a turkey cake instead? No animals need be harmed and you get to eat cake, everyone wins!

Don't be straight-laced when it comes to your shoe laces. Iain's Shoelace Site offers 33 different techniques for lacing up your shoes.

Our particular favourite is the Zipper Lacing technique.

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The height of feminist knitting has to be this knitted Womb by MK Carroll on Knitty.

Shock the public by knitting it on the bus, cuddle up to it at bedtime or make one for a pregnant friend. It's a long way from baby blankets!

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If you're in the Northern hemisphere then you'll have noticed that it's starting to get pretty cold these days, so why not start crocheting quick and get cosied up with this lovely Ruffled Scarf pattern from Kitty Boo Crochet.

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If you're a crafty Star Wars fan, then the LJ community Star Wars Crafts is just for you.

Members have posted all kinds of weird and wonderful things, including homemade lightsabers, Droid plushies and even Death Star carved pumpkins.

Here's another technique that I've seen Anthea Turner using, but this time it comes from the Martha Stewart website.

Follow these step-by-step instructions and you'll be folding all the fitted sheets in your house perfectly.

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We've had some awesome entries in to our Costume Competition in the Halloween Special of Snippets. If you've not entered yet, you better be quick. There's only a few more days left before we announce the winner. Good luck!

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Amy from Craft Chi has posted a great tutorial for making a Rope Rug.

It looks pretty simple and the end result is stunning!

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