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Mikhaela Reid is a cartoonist with a whole lot of ranting to get out. Her political propaganda cartoons are witty and intelligent as well as brilliantly illustrated. My personal favourite is Bush vs My Cat. Check her out now!

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Ever felt like taking a huge white canvas, throwing paint at it and then trying to pass it off as modern art? Well, here's a way to do it without the mess. Jackson Pollock has set up a Flash website, where you can create paint stridden artwork by dragging your mouse across the screen. Simply click your mouse to change the colour of paint you're using and off you go.

It can get rather addictive. Give it a go and then show me your creations.

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I think you'd have to be pretty brave to wear a belt like this, but if showing off your measurements is something you're proud of, then a tape measure belt may be just the thing for you.

What do you guys think?

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RustOleum seem to think that magnetic walls are for kids, but imagine how handy they could be for craftsters too. You could fill up entire walls with ideas scribbled on to bits of paper, inspirational images, magazine clippings and even small magnetic tins full of beads and other crafting accessories.

Check out their tutorial for painting a wall with magnetic primer and creating a magnet wall.

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My Recycled Bags is a wonderful blog filled with tutorials for making bags out of recycled materials, such as plastic bags and the tape from cassettes. My favourite projects include the Cassette Tape Evening Bag and a Wristlet crocheted from plastic bags.

The perfect way to re-use plastic bags, so that you wont need to take a new one.

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Here's a clever little tool that I've used for various projects around the site. The Xyron Create-A-Sticker allows you to turn paper, and thin materials in to stickers quickly and easily. Simply feed a piece of paper through the sticker maker, pull down on the sticker cartridge and out slips your sticker. They come in various sizes to suit your need, but I find that the handy mini version does all of the jobs that I need it to.

Use it to create cute packaging or make pretty DIY bindis.

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If you're the type of person who feels that giving money as a gift is a little impersonal, then here's a clever trick for making it a bit more special. Clay Randall has posted an excellent tutorial on how to fold an origami gift box out of a cash note.

You could put a sweet, small gift or even a little note, suggesting what to spend the money on inside. The perfect way to make the gift of cash special.

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Brought My Lunch is another great Flickr photo pool that I have stumbled upon recently. From the creators of 52 Projects, the members are encouraged to post photos of their lunchboxes and the various items they bring to work for lunch.

The 52 Project website also features tips for bring your lunch to work. It's a great source of inspiration if you're feeling a little uninspired about what to make for your lunch the following day.

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I hate throwing things away. I keep all kinds of bits and pieces and I'm scared of becoming a hoarder. I have huge collections of light bulbs, bottle caps, corks, the plastic fish that soya sauce comes in, envelopes and magazines. Finally, there's a website to help recycle these hoarded treasures.

How Can I Recycle This? is a website where readers write in to ask for suggestions on recycling and reusing items they have acquired, everything from milk cartons to USB memory sticks, and the members of the site give their ideas, tips and suggestions for repurposing the items.

Definitely worth checking out if you have a cupboard full of knick-knacks. Nothing but good green fun!

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I remember seeing a bookcase where the books were arranged by colour a few months ago and wishing that I had enough space for a bookcase, so that I could do the same with my mountains of books. I compensated by colour arranging all my CDs and DVDs in their cabinets and it really does make everything look pretty and like a fairytale. One day, I'll have a huge, colour coordinated library, where it's impossible to find a book unless you know it's colour but everything looks so so pretty.

For now, I'll just oogle over the bookcases of people that have already done so, on Flickr's Rainbow Of Books photo pool.

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