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Pocatello Idaho US 310 projects

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Pocatello, Idaho, US



Hi, my name is Pam! Thanks for looking at my profile!

I'm an admin here on CO+K and do things like monitor the Boards, Ok projects users want to publish, contribute to Snippets and also I've just started doing book and product review! If you ever need help or have questions, just let me know :)

I have always loved crafting. My mom is an elementary school teacher and would bring home crafts her class was going to do and test them out on us kids. She taught me how to sew, paint, draw, cook, press flowers, bird watch, ski, garden, quilt, make cards (mostly thank you's), beadwork, loom, and she coached my soccer team until I was 12! She's pretty much my hero, well her and my grandma are tied for 1st!

I grew up in Idaho, so I love nature and all things outdoors! But moved around after I got married in 2007 to New York and Hawaii. I'm finally home again and loving the mountains :)

I came to CO+K to find Inspiration and Friendship!
I love doing swaps, hosting and helping other host.
So just let me know if you want to get together and do a swap <3

In no particular order...

~I Like~
* Comic Books!!! Mostly Marvel, Mostly Avengers!
* Thor & Loki
* Adventure Time
* Game of Thrones (books and the tv series)
* Robots
* Being Outdoors
* Playing Video Games!!!
* Reading
* Elephants
* Naruto (Believe It)
* Tea
* Plushies
* Where the Wild Things Are
* Indie Style
* Handmade Items
* Scifi Books and TV
* Sherlock
* The IT Crowd
* Labyrinth (the movie)

~I Love~
* My Husband
* My Dogs
* My Teddy Bear!
* Mother Nature
* !!Coffee!!
* Making Jewelry
* Crafting in General
* Idaho, USA (where I'm from)
* Huckleberries
* Skiing
* Thor! (the movie and the comics)
* The Rocky Mountians <3
* Books and Reading

~I Can~
* Make Jewelry
* Paint (acrylic, oil & water color)
* Calligraphy
* Sew
* Make Cards
* Beadwork
* Cook & Bake
* Draw
* Crochet

~I Collect~
* Buttons
* Elephants
* Teddy Bears
* Magnets from Different Places
* Post Cards (Used, I love the little stories)
*Squished Pennies

I am always up for a personal swap! So if you LOVE something I've made and would like to swap let me know :)

I have done so many it started to get outrageous to list them all! So lets just say that I have participated in over 60 swaps! Also I have hosted about 20.

~Custom Items~
I have had a lot of request to duplicate items I've made and published in my projects! I love making things people will love an enjoy for a long time. I don't mind swapping something for a custom item, or even if you just want to pay for the cost of supplies and I'll do the labor for free :) I love crafting and sharing my skills!

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Fabric Screen Printing With Speedball

Fabric Screen Printing With Speedball

Screen Filter Method

♥ 1
McClure's Spicy Bloody Mary

McClure's Spicy Bloody Mary

Spicy Pickle Bloody Mary!

♥ 0
Mini Smash Book

Mini Smash Book

Make You Own Smash Style Notebook

♥ 12
Star Stuff Case Picture

Star Stuff Case Picture

Show some science love

♥ 1
School Spirit Beanie

School Spirit Beanie

♥ 0
Infused Water
Juice >

Infused Water

Yummy & Healthy

♥ 33
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Crochet T Shirt Yarn Rug

Crochet T Shirt Yarn Rug

Bust out your t-shirt yarn and learn to crochet this easy ombre rug!

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How To Do And Easy Vintage Roll Hairstyle Tutorial

How To Do And Easy Vintage Roll Hairstyle Tutorial

A beautiful classic hairstyle which is great is Summer

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Misty Mountains Cake

Misty Mountains Cake

Perfect of all occasions. Beautiful and yummiest cake ever!

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Mini Hama Bead Bracelet

Mini Hama Bead Bracelet

Use the tiniest Hama beads to make delicate jewellery

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Black Nail Polish With Iridescent Glitter And Shimmer

Black Nail Polish With Iridescent Glitter And Shimmer

Homemade Nail Polish

♥ 6
Sugru Cookie Stamp

Sugru Cookie Stamp

Give your cookies the homemade touch with a personalized cookie stamp!

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Beautiful Butterfly Cape

Beautiful Butterfly Cape

Make a beautiful butterfly cape in no time!

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Lsp Sweatshirt

Lsp Sweatshirt

Get Lumpy!

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Basic Mead

Basic Mead

Drink the Harvest

♥ 21
Pencil^2 Case

Pencil^2 Case

Make it a pencil case or a toy, this cute crochet pencil is sure to be a hit

♥ 6
How To Make Paper
Paper >

How To Make Paper

Make handmade paper

♥ 58
Pom Pom Pom Hat

Pom Pom Pom Hat

With pom pom yarn and a pom pom up top, assured hit with the kids!

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