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Castle, Wales, GB



I'm a bit of a nomad. I've lived in loads of different places in the UK. Its hard moving all the time but I have made a lot of friends. I've recently moved to Cardiff for a new job and I'm slowing getting used to finding my way round a new city.

I count myself as really lucky as I get to do a job that I really love and feel is worthwhile. I work for a biological records centre, which means we collect and store all the wildlife sightings and records for the south wales region. My new job is mostly inside (my old one was part survey), but I still occassionally get to go out and look for interesting plants and animals. Of course I still wildlife-spot in my spare time (when weather permits and I'm not crafting that is).

I've loved making things for as long as I can remember. My favourite crafts are embroidery, collage and jewellry making. I've also been crocheting for about a year now and really enjoy it. i've just got a sewing machine and really love it! I'm only making small things at the moment to practice and get used to it, but I want to work towards making my own clothes. Crafting is a really social activity for me, so I join craft groups whereever I'm living, and of course I love CO + K for sharing ideas and chatting to other crafters.

I like:
- Vintage-style things
- Owls, birds, hearts and roses
- Primary colours (I don't really do pastels to wear, but I do like them in home-furnishings and fabric). My favourite colours are turquoise, red, plum, blue, emerald green, black, white and purple.
- Bright geometric prints
- Vintage flower prints and florals in general
- Matryoshka dolls and themed items
- Plushies
- Kawaii
- Nature and natural history
- Recycling and upcycling
- Collage
- Comics and graphic novels
- Anime and manga (inc. studio Ghibli)
- Plastic jewellry
- Felt
- The 60's & 70's (I can be a bit of a hippy)
- Fruit and food
- Fashion
- Vintage Sci-fi books (think Philip K. Dick, Arthur C. Clarke and J. G. Ballard).

I collect:
- Books
- Beads and charms
- Postcards and flyers
- mix cds

Crafts I do:
- Embroidery
- Hand sewing
- Machine sewing (Beginner)
- Bead weaving
- Other jewellry making techniques (wire wrapping & macrame)
- Paper mache
- Polymer clay (Beginner)
- Crochet (Beginner)
- Paper crafts (inc. Collage)
- Origami (Beginner)

- Newbie vs Vet (Newbie) with Dragonfly
- Happygrams
- Destash 2# with Essex Debs
- Stationary swap with Ursula B.
- Matchbox round 2 with Jolanda
- Dotee Doll Beginner swap with Corvus
- Earring swap with Bindibabe & Jolanda
- Stash & Craft Round 1. with Julie G.
- Chunky Book Round 1.
- Halloween swap with Reidergirl
- Bracelet swap with Hannah and Nikki
- Fall Dotee Doll swap with Pammerz
- Secret santa xmas cards
- Chunky recipe book swap Round 1.
- Stash & Craft Round 2. with Hayley S.
- Valentines swap with Wreckless butterfly
- Spring Stash Swap with Vicki O.
- Personal swap (Matroshka's) with Jolanda
- Personal swap (Make-up) with Ashley H.

Swaps I've hosted:
- Crafty kit swap
- Birthday grams

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Ragdoll Costume

Ragdoll Costume

Creep people out by dressing as a living doll!

♥ 1
Classy Doll Makeup

Classy Doll Makeup

♥ 0
Birthday Gift Bags

Birthday Gift Bags

♥ 0
Kawaii Zippy Purse

Kawaii Zippy Purse

A cute purse for all your change.

♥ 1
Paisley Dress

Paisley Dress

My first dress made completely from scratch!

♥ 2
Scrappy Bookmarks

Scrappy Bookmarks

Don't throw those scraps away! Keep them and make this!

♥ 12
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Jumpsuit Dress

Jumpsuit Dress

A chic upcycled project using an 80s jumpsuit gem.

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Pretty Little Pincushion Ring

Pretty Little Pincushion Ring

A handy little pin holder.

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Luck Of The Irish Shake, Shamrock Inspired

Luck Of The Irish Shake, Shamrock Inspired

A Healthy Version of McD's Shamrock Shake

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Diy Face Primer!

Diy Face Primer!

Make your own primer

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Marshmallow Hot Fudge Sauce
Fudge >

Marshmallow Hot Fudge Sauce

Easy and delicious Marshmallow Hot Fudge Sauce

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Diy Envelope Clutch (From An Ethnic Cushion Cover!)

Diy Envelope Clutch (From An Ethnic Cushion Cover!)

Give an outfit that extra oomph with this ridiculously cheap and easy envelope clutch made right out of an ethnic cushion cover!

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Red Velvet Cookies With Cream Cheese Icing

Red Velvet Cookies With Cream Cheese Icing

These rich red velvet cookies are topped with the smoothest cream cheese icing!

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How To Make Bias Tape

How To Make Bias Tape

Do you ever wonder how to make bias tape? I will show you how easy it is!

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Pattern Weight / Free Pdf Pattern

Pattern Weight / Free Pdf Pattern

Easy and Pretty Pattern weight with PDF Pattern

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Round Stool Cover
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Round Stool Cover


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Love Lights

Love Lights

Show someone how much you love them with one of these jam jar candle holders

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Half Circle Zippered Pouch

Half Circle Zippered Pouch

Whether hitting the road or hitting the town, every girl needs a little pouch or two or three to carry all of life's little necessities

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