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Parañaque City Metro Manila PH 80 projects

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Parañaque City, Metro Manila, PH



I am a craftaholic!

If I think I can do it, I'll try :)
Particularly fond of making my own jewelry!

I like the idea that I made something myself & there isn't anyone else who has the exact same thing.

I live in Manila, Philippines as a 3d year college student in Hospitality & trying to like it :P

You can find me on:

I blog about my crafts, food and anything else that catches my fancy :3
Feel free to check it out - maybe I'll catch your fancy :D

I like:
-Spikes :) lots of spkes
-green & black
-nautical things
-the beach
-oversized shirts
-felt scraps!!
-Doctor Who
-Dexter the friendly neighborhood serial killer
-jewelry scraps/junk/broken jewelry****
-PANDAS I'm crazy about them
-Vintage inspires things
-All things Tim Burton
-All things Roman Dirge

Completed Swaps:
-Newbie vs. Vet Swap with Kiddo <3
-Personal Jewelry Swap with Madd::Sunshine
-Personal Jewelry Swap 2 with Monika G.
-Goth Swap with Mary (Her package to me got lost in the post T__T)
-Post Christmas Destash Swap with Tamara

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American Flag Shorts

American Flag Shorts

Stealing from Uncle Sam's daughter's closet!

♥ 0
Book To Clutch

Book To Clutch

Instant cuteness from an old book :)

♥ 14
Sequin Ipad Case

Sequin Ipad Case

sparkle sparkle ;)

♥ 0
Puffy Paint Ipad Case

Puffy Paint Ipad Case

Custom ALL the things <3

♥ 3
Photo To Canvas Transfer

Photo To Canvas Transfer

A perfect canvas print on a budget

♥ 22
Whisk Earrings

Whisk Earrings

Perfect for the baker or chef in your life!

♥ 81
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Diy Crop Top   Recycling Old Jeans Legs
Tops >

Diy Crop Top Recycling Old Jeans Legs

Fake Balmain and recycle jeans scraps

♥ 171
Front Side Twist

Front Side Twist

Quick & easy alternative to a side braid.

♥ 51
Diy Fishtail Skirt
Skirts >

Diy Fishtail Skirt

5 simple steps to flowy & pretty

♥ 38
Waterfall Jacket

Waterfall Jacket

Knits for You and Your Home

♥ 23
Thin Charm Bracelet

Thin Charm Bracelet

simple loop around charm bracelet. with either a peace sign or a pentagram

♥ 2
Purse   Wrist

Purse Wrist

Purse - Wrist functionality rave, punk, hippie, goa, pixie

♥ 138
Magic Boxes

Magic Boxes

Magic Boxes: A Life As Lou Online Class

♥ 387
Mermaid Shell Top

Mermaid Shell Top

For anyone who wants to be a mer-made.

♥ 33
Steampunk Goggles

Steampunk Goggles

Just in case adventure happens to arise...

♥ 104
Simply Made Tie Back Collars

Simply Made Tie Back Collars

Easy to make tie back collar to wear with your outfit for a vintage inspired look!

♥ 15
Shark Sweatshirt

Shark Sweatshirt

Live every week like it's shark week!

♥ 80
Map Shoes

Map Shoes

Revamp your shoes with a map and some Mod Podge

♥ 85
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