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ale_corason · Mexico City, Distrito Federal, MX · 49 projects

Aw, thank YOU.
How sweet of you! Have a nice day too. n_n

Jet H.
Jet H. · NL · 108 projects

Hi , hi , you're very welcome , i like to be your friend;-DDDD
aaaaaw so sweet those big complements, thank you very much;-D
Love your project too, but i have told you that;-D
woooow living in Rome that is awesome , it's like living in a art book .;-D
i have never been in your country but on my study on the art academy i h ave seen a lot of your city and country.
One of my friends has a friend there too and she always is visiting her. But she is rich.LOL
i'm not . LOL but i'm happy and that's good, i think sometimes better.;-D
hey much crafting fun , feel fry to ask my something or when you need help on her, or .... whatever;-D
i like it here on cok because most people are very kind and helpfull and suporting;-D
that's importend by sharing and showing your projects that good too for learning to understand each other.;-D
hey much love, craftin fun and kisses

Jet H.
Jet H. · NL · 108 projects

oooh thank you for asking my as your friend, like that;-D
and Yeaaaaaah we 're now friends.LOL
hey nice fun craftingday, hugs and xxxxxxxx

Jet H.
Jet H. · NL · 108 projects

Hi Dabobabo, welcome to this site hope you like it here a lot, have m uch fun with all those crafting projects, got some inpiration of them and find some friends as well;-D
ooooh thank you very much of your fave on my shaun project, much fun of the making of and have a nice fun week;-D

RustyFish · Derbyshire, England, GB · 18 projects

thanks for faving my item!