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I love making things and living a total diy life! I have my own business selling rock and roll clothing and accessories on Etsy at I also have a huge organic garden where I grow all kinds of veggies and herbs, and we even have a couple chickens! I love cooking and experimenting with new plants. I look at life as constant lessons, my end goal being to buy some land and start a diy community making and growing everything we can! Which is why I started a blog at, where I document my adventures in crafting, gardening and cooking along the way.

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Xx13.CrowsxX · Adelaide, South Australia, AU · 151 projects

Thanx for the favourite on my eggs XD love your tank girl tee!

Suppe · DE · 8 projects

Hey there, thanks for comment+faves!
For your question about the thinning, it is no actual thinning but just, err, fraying.. like a run in your tights or something xD (I think there is even a tutorial about that round here..) For "real" thinning by the way, I recommend one of those anti-callus-rasps.. they work pretty good.
By the way: Tank girl shirt! I love you! XDDD

Susanna P.
Susanna P. · IT · 43 projects

hi raygun undone, thanks for the fave!

Keri Plezia (aka;Miss Holley King)
Keri Plezia (aka;Miss Holley King) · US · 4 projects

Glad you like my recycled 'record pins'
(they make cool bola-ties too)
Have a good one,
Miss Holley King

Ruby Knuckles Inc.
Ruby Knuckles Inc. · US · 4 projects

I'm going to do an etching how to since so many people seem interested. Thanks for the good feedback! :)

Twiggy · US · 12 projects

Yeah, it's really useful. I just made it this morning and it has worked awesome running errands, grocery shopping, and at the library. =D


CO + K User

Thanks for the fave. (=