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I'm really nice.. I Promise! I am! But I don't have an inch of patience for those who are Ignorant/Hatefull/Rude/Or don't thing before they do somthing.

I do enjoy drawing, but it's truly a week point in my hobbies. I don't draw.. I doodle really. I can never focus enough concentration onto one picture.

Speaking of hobbies/Arts, I'm really interested in acting and singing. My mother and I have been looking into this Summer workshop for teens who are interested in performing arts such as theater and singing. I'll be in 9th grade next year. Going to a regular highschool. For 10th grade, I'll be trying out for theater and acting for OCHSA ( Orange County High School of the Arts).

I love making new friends! Though, I have to know you first, in order to add you to my friends list.

Well that's all for now! Thanks for reading. Love you!

Skype: KikiTheRaverKitty (Savvy)

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Cute Christmas Cookies

Cute Christmas Cookies

An easy way to spice up any ordinary sugar cookie~!

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"Folk Magic" Onion Cough Syrup

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Floating Book Shelf

Floating Book Shelf

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