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Fadhila · ID · 4 projects

Hello everyone please visit my blog and watch what i have make... http://fadholasena.blogspot.com/

DianFitrah · ID · 3 projects

orang Indonesia juga ya?

AthAlba · ID · 36 projects


Kamu anak Unnes? Jurusan apa n tahun berapa?
Aku anak Sastra Inggris 2006, baru aja lulus Oktober kemarin.
Ya Tuhan, dunia sempit amat yah?!

Aku suka felt, cuma akhir2 ni lagi males. *penyakit lama* Aku suka craft2 yg lain juga, mungkin kecuali merajut soalnya aku g tw caranya n beading - soalnya udah pasaran. hehe.

Oke, alamat fb-ku aku message aja ya. ^^
Oya, kalo bisa comment-comment di blog-ku yah. Aku suka baca komentar dari orang lain. ^^

AthAlba · ID · 36 projects

Helo! Seneng juga akhirnya nemuin orang Indonesia disini. Ga pa pa kan kalo aku ngomong pake bahasa?
Boleh temenan kan? ^^

ps: Aku juga suka felt. Lucu yah.

Jet H.
Jet H. · NL · 108 projects

Hi Fadhila, thanks for asking me for being your friend, we are now friends Jippie. LOL you're very welcome about the faves and comments, i know too its still much work for everybody to make a project so , i like to write most at the time to a comment.
not always, sometimes i don't have to much time.
wooow indonesie, beautiful country you're living!!;-D
he till later , i must go to my bed to sleep. for you too sleep well;-Dxxx

Bead Crumbs
Bead Crumbs · US · 23 projects

thanks for the "like it" on my puffy flowers!

nancy4ulove r.
nancy4ulove r.

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