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Brisbane Queensland Australia 3 projects

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia



It all began with a bunny...

Actually, No, it all began with a baby... well LOTS of babies!

I began making ‘baby-safe bunnies’ for all my friends’ babies with sewn on faces and no chewable, choke-able bits. They were so popular that I moved on to mass-production (that's where the 'factory' bit comes from!)

My husband’s favorite TV couch was taken over by soft toys. To keep him happy I designed him his very own toy dog. We were living in a tiny apartment and couldn’t have a real puppy so I created a substitute based on the neighbours’ Jack Russell puppy. Jake was designed with movable joints so he could sit, stand and cock his head to one side. He’s really cute but rather complicated! I’m rather impatient and prefer things that don’t take forever to make. That’s why I’ve made sure all my other patterns are as easy as possible.

I’ve been sewing and knitting my own toys and dolls since I was a kid, but it took until my 30s (OK, mid-30s) to realize that you’re never too old to do what you love!

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Baby Pip Teddy Bear

Baby Pip Teddy Bear

Sew an adorable baby teddy bear.

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Baby   Bear Blanket

Baby Bear Blanket

A baby blanket with attached bear.

♥ 51
Plattie The Platypus

Plattie The Platypus

This is a simple project for beginners.

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Fairy Dragon

Fairy Dragon

Lady Macbeth's Fairy wear

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