Handmade Gothic & Mourning Couture for the Unique & Grotesque...


The Morte's Manor offers quality handmade original costume accessories & fashion jewelry from the glitz & glamorous to the mad & morbid. Morte's Manor combines Gothic & Glamour to create dark, custom & unique pieces for those that have an acquired taste to vintage elegance, fantasy, death, & glamour.

Mme. Morte the owner & designer of The Morte's Manor, (once called Vainity Designs), creates everything herself. From Hamilton, Ontario Canada Mme. Morte has been designing accessories since 2004. She is known to insure each & every one of her creations are of top quality & at an affordable price. As a burlesque performer for 11 years & a model for 13 years, she knowns the importance of how that small accessory completes the whole image & how quality is a major factor in holding up during numerous uses. The Morte's Manor makes sure a little bit of macabre & grotesque glamour goes into every piece she puts together as well as quality!

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