Jewelry Superstar


Erin Pruckno
Washington, DC
Preschool teacher and grad student


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When did you first start making jewelry and how did you learn?

I've been beading and braiding my own bracelets ever since I was young. I went through a big hemp jewelry phase as a teen, and then took a jewelry making course in high school. There I finally learned metal working and jewelry making techniques. For most everything else I'm self-taught with plenty of trial and error.

Can you remember the first piece you made?

One of my most memorable early pieces of jewelry was probably a square knot macramé choker, with hemp string and floral painted beads. I was really into channeling my inner flower child!

Where do you look for inspiration?

I have a chronic online shopping problem. I don't buy, but constantly see things I insist I have to make. I get a lot of inspiration too from my favorite jewelry designers. I love the way Lulu Frost uses vintage materials for special pieces with a story and how Lizzie Fortunato mixes textures and incorporates earthy elements in a way that feels down to earth but luxurious. I find the most inspiration in contrasts-- mixing classic with edge, silver with gold... anything goes!

What's your craft space like and how do you organize your supplies?

I have my desk set up by my bedroom window, so I get lots of natural light. I recently made a display board so I can admire finished pieces and see others in progress, rather than have them jumbled up on my desk. I have shelves next to my work area with lots of clear boxes, and every one is labeled-- string, cord, trims, ribbon, chain, glue... I know where everything is! Smaller compartmental boxes keep all my small findings in line.

What music/podcasts/TV shows do you love to craft along to?

My favorite time to craft is on weekend mornings with a cup of coffee-- so I usually craft along to the sounds of my Sunday playlist, with plenty of mellow music for a sunny, creative morning from the likes of Elton John, Paul Simon, and Led Zeppelin.

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

Being in graduate school takes up a lot of my time.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

What's your favorite?

TV Show
The Rolling Stones
New York, New York
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Anything by John Steinbeck
Craft Supply
Super glue. You can glue ANYTHING together!
Craft Tool
My needle nose pliers probably get the most use.