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Fabric Roses

Fabric roses are simple to make with just your fabric scraps. Make a few today to add to your wardrobe or handbag.

♥ 443
Button Hair Clips

I made some fun seasonal hair clips, from some buttons I had.

♥ 63

A sparkleball is a magical ornament handmade from plastic cups and a string of mini-Christmas lights.

♥ 773
Ribbon Lanyard Bracelets

Those who have made lanyards at scout camp will be familiar with the weaving used to make this bracelet.

♥ 273
Star Books

These little books fold "inside out" to look like stars. They can be made with a variety of papers, take a short while to create, and make great gifts.

♥ 280
Barbie Shoe Earrings

♥ 86
Lego Bracelet

Retro and cute, make a Lego bracelet.

♥ 296
Barbie Shoe Earrings

Turn a pair of doll heels in to a cute pair of earrings.

♥ 394
Sand Dollar Friends

Turn two Sand dollars into your favorite animal art.

♥ 3
Button Necklace

Buttons, buttons, buttons!

♥ 68
Skull Crushers

Treat your friends to some gory homemade skull crusher chocolates.

♥ 276
Fabric Belt

Add a bit of style to your outfit with an easy-to-make fabric belt.

♥ 150
Cassette Broach

♥ 123
DIY Fashion Magazine

Create your own fashion magazine, full of things you like, without the adverts or irrelevant content.

♥ 240
LED Light Painting

♥ 15
Handmade Magic Mushroom Erasers

♥ 35
Star Earrings

♥ 5
Bump Beads

Bump beads are easy to create and make great jewellery.

♥ 264

Decorate your face with pretty DIY bindis.

♥ 44
Rainbow Charm Bracelet

Brighten up any rainy day with a rainbow charm bracelet.

♥ 304
Rose Water

Tone your face the natural way with homemade rose water.

♥ 352
Cell Phone Charms

♥ 12
Shrinky-Dink Fosters

♥ 11

♥ 16
All The Faces Mirror

♥ 39
Overnight Bag

♥ 7

♥ 6
Small Apron

♥ 8
Khaki Quilt

♥ 6
Crown Necklace

Feel like royalty with a crown necklace.

♥ 222
Lemon Cupcakes

Enjoy the tangy taste of freshly baked lemon cupcakes.

♥ 73
Puppy Coat

♥ 3
Hood Ears

Why settle for plain old hoods when you can have a hood with ears?

♥ 321
Badge Cuff

Show off your badges with a cutesy cuff.

♥ 153
Garden Toolbelt Roll-Up

Keep your gardening tools together with a nifty roll-up toolbelt.

♥ 151
Fabric Ball Necklace

Use up your old fabric scraps to make a cute necklace.

♥ 194
Felt Bitty Booties

♥ 82
Dessert Quesadillas

The sweeter side of quesadillas.

♥ 72
Felty Flowers

Jazz up your outfit with felt flower accessories.

♥ 117
Origami Frogs

Get hopping happy with some cute frogs.

♥ 52
Sock Gloves

Turn a pair of socks in to gloves.

♥ 496
Fabric Brochure

Organize your fabric stash with a fabric brochure.

♥ 222
Dried Chilli Pepper Strings

Spice up the kitchen with some dried chilli pepper strings.

♥ 12
Guitar Picks

Rock on with DIY guitar picks.

♥ 126
Shrink Stud Earrings

Make a pair of tiny shrink plastic stud earrings.

♥ 45
Secret Pocket Notes

Pass on your secrets with pocket notes.

♥ 109
Knitting Needle Roll Up

Keep your knitting needles neatly arranged with a needle roll up.

♥ 275
Duct Tape Wallet

Stick together a cute little wallet.

♥ 245
Tofu Kebabs

Delicious pepper and tofu kebabs.

♥ 32
Magazine Sushi

Roll up your old magazines in to cute sushi decorations.

♥ 234
Juggling Balls

Practice your coordination with some homemade juggling balls.

♥ 55

♥ 16

Turn an old towel in to a pair of cosy slippers.

♥ 235
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