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*scrapy noises*

My first attempt at sculpting hands. Clearly the best thing to start with was a bloated, amputated, zombified hand. You can’t see it too well in these pictures but I’ve carved away some of the “flesh” to expose muscle and bone.

Didn’t come out too badly :)

Note: I apologise for the pictures coming out so yellow, my lightbox has died and my house seems very yellow.


1984 Brooch

1984 Brooch

Nowadays I can´t differ reality from dystopia.

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Golden Princess Pin

Golden Princess Pin

Polymer brooch/pin creation

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Fimo Brooches

Fimo Brooches

Gang of Cuties

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Star Trek Sign/Communicator

Star Trek Sign/Communicator

simple and easy =)

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Marquee Name Brooch

Marquee Name Brooch

A clay & metal marquee inspired name brooch with crystal pin lights!

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Huge Rainbow Pin

Huge Rainbow Pin

More rainbows

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