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Pretty Easy

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Toronto, Ontario, CA
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yum ^ ^

ok so heres how u make it if you guys were wondering lol pretty basic ^^




  1. How to cook an omelette. Yummy Ham And Cheese Omlette - Step 1 1

    (this should serve one, make double if mor people)

    crack eggs into a bowl then add milk. mix egg and milk together using a whisk or fork how ever u like then add to ur choosing salt and pepper.

  2. How to cook an omelette. Yummy Ham And Cheese Omlette - Step 2 2

    put ur pan on high heat and add butter and oil to it. when its all elted add your egg mixture

  3. 3

    make sure the egg spreads through out the WHOLE pan yopu dont want empty spaces

  4. 4

    4- when its cooked which shouldnt take long, add the cheese and ham to your omelette carfully flip it so its folded then serve on the plate and r ready to nom nom <3

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