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Nice 'n' Simple

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Think Happy Thoughts, Happy thoughts ~~

6 ATCs I made for a Yo Gabba Gabba TV Show themed ATC swap.

Toodee was cut out of a book and glued onto a background I painted with paint markers and I added blue buttons and text from the book.

Brobee was hand drawn in the theme of his popular segment "Party in your tummy".

Foofaa I drew flowers onto pink construction paper and cut her out from foam pieces and glued on with a pink yarn border.

Plex is made completely out of felt.

DJ Lance I hand drew with colored pencils.

Muno was also hand drawn with colored pencils and I drew a "window" like he is looking out of it, and I glued a googly eye for his eye.



Totoro Quilling Atc

Totoro Quilling Atc

For the Paper Totoro Love in You :3

♥ 4
My First Atc's

My First Atc's

Tried it and got addicted! :-D

♥ 1
Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards

First ones I ever made, and I loved it!

♥ 10
Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards

Make your own rubber stamps for artist trading cards and journaling!

♥ 9
Dictionary Page Printed Cards

Dictionary Page Printed Cards

Cute and inexpensive alternative to those expensive greeting cards!

♥ 17
Art Trading Cards

Art Trading Cards

Let's Share Our Art

♥ 3



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