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S Jiddy, Port City, Canada
Square small pikmin yellow
Square small img 2034
Yellow Pikmin felt fella *now with pattern*

This was made at the request of my BF, a Pikmin/ general Nintendo fanboy.

I think it turned out pretty cute, I made the pattern by finding a picture of a Pikmin and zooming in on it, then carefully tracing around the image on the was a quick little crafty fix for my Good Friday/ Saturday boredom.....

It makes me giggle, I enjoy making it dance on my cat. Yup.

Here's the pattern I used....sorry for the crappy drawing!! But it should still work ok. For the veins on the leaf I just used a split stitch, and you may need to make the antenna a little wider depending on the pipecleaner you put in it (if you want to). I cheated a lil and glued the eyes and inner ears on, just so they would look neater. If you use this pattern, please don't sell it, this is for happiness, not profit!! ENJOY!!!!!!

PS: Please post your pics





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