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Nice 'n' Simple

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Asheville, NC, USA, NC, US
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or how two friends keep in touch creatively

My best friend lives quite a few hours away and since she moved we haven't kept in quite as good touch. This is my answer to the problem. I just cut 14 pieces of card stock to the same size (just about index card) and punched holes at the top. Threaded that on a ball chain and made a little box to put it in. I got my inspiration from an episode of Carol Duvall. I put it as free because I'm using all my scrap and excess ephemera.



Make Your Own Book

Make Your Own Book

Make your own book in any color you want

♥ 219
Paris Travel Journal

Paris Travel Journal

Use washi tape to make and add pockets to any journal.

♥ 28
Altered Journal

Altered Journal

Old Book to Fun Journal

♥ 6
Burn Book

Burn Book

Fan created memorabilia from the movie Mean Girls

♥ 7
Diy:  Book Journal

Diy: Book Journal

Make a book journal

♥ 19
Diy Journal

Diy Journal

Bound with pleather.

♥ 2



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