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Townsville City, Queensland, AU
Flower Hair Clips
Feathered Headband
Simple Boxy Pouch
Japanese Knot Bag
Based on Wristlets by Jordana Castro

My brother says that my embroidery looks more like a sequined whale than paisley (which is what it was meant to look like), but that is stylized art for you! I made this as a present for a friend. I made it from wool felt and lined with satin. I was a bit lazy and didn't hand sew the lining in- I really only lined it to protect the embroidery- but I did zig zag the seams - so my Mum won't be too disappointed in me! :)

Studded Make Up Bag

Studded Make Up Bag

black, purple, studs,

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Purple 'N' White Camera Pouch

Purple 'N' White Camera Pouch

Cute pouch to keep your camera from scratches :)

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Japanese Food Bag... Bag

Japanese Food Bag... Bag

something my bf thought was trash lol

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Tie Pouch.

Tie Pouch.

A little pouch made from a garish tie.

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Mini Pouch Of A Bleachbottle

Mini Pouch Of A Bleachbottle

just a quick recyling craft;-D

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Sleeve Cuff Pouch

Sleeve Cuff Pouch

Recycle an old work shirt

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zut and merde.
zut and merde. · Vancouver, British Columbia, CA · 1 project

I thought it was a whale too. It's gorgeous, either way! ^___^


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