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Fake Dreadlocks made with Wool Roving!

!!! *** EDIT! I hung these locks, still wet, up to dry. In the morning, they had expanded once they were dry. I cannot stress how important it is that you roll them small & tight! They will hold up much better the next day when they are fully felted! *** !!!

** This is my first attempt at Wool Roving Falls & I must say I was surprised at how neat they turned out for a first shot! So much different than making dreads out of synthetic hair. **

* I will make a tutorial as soon as I have time. I really feel like people shouldn't have to pay the *crazy* prices that I see on-line. In total, this project cost me a grand total of... $20! Granted, it took awhile to do all the rolling, but thats the price we pay for fashion.. right? *

** These are not finished yet! In total, there are 14 double ended dreads. Meaning, 28 ends total. I know that a full set would be 30 ends on each side, but I didn't have the time tonight to do that. **

* Some of the blue falls turned out much chunkier & lighter than some of the other locks, so I need to make a set of smaller, longer falls to cover up my head in the back. *

Thanks for taking a look!

x0x0 - Cate.


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Dread Falls

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Elena W...
Elena W... · Minneapolis, Minnesota, US · 4 projects

I got my roving from a little store in Minneapolis! I should say, I was SUPER surprised that they had roving- the store is called "Wunderment", if you look it up on Google you'll see their page. I bought the roving for like $7 a package- and in total I used *about* 4 packages (2 of each color) for this project. I'm guessing you can get it cheaper online, but this way I eliminated shipping costs!


that looks wicked nice!! && where do yyou get your roving from??

Chelsea <3
Chelsea <3 · 1 project

Those look so real! How awesome!!!


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