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Version This project is a version of Wire Wrapped Cuff With Reconstructed Jewelry Parts by Diver

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Providence, Rhode Island, United States
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Based on Wire Wrapped Cuff With Reconstructed Jewelry Parts by Diver

I loved the originall bracelet idea, so when my cousin let me have some of her old jewlery and wedding decorations I went nuts!!

I took apart a multi wired cuff bangle and used two of the pieces as my frame wrok.

I measured out how much space I had to fill, and then begain placing beads around my focal piece (the flower) to fill the space and make it look flashy!!

I used two 20 guage wires, one on the top frame wire, and one on the bottom. They would each string a bead, and then both go through a shared bead to end up on the other side. there they would wrap around the frame wire and do it all over again! Depending on the size, shape of the bead I was weaving in, I would sometimes havet to play around with the wires and who went where--its one of those things where you just go with it to make it work.

The flower was attached by wrapping it to the frame wires with the 20 guage. I tried to keep it neat and concealed by the petals of the flower as I made my way down it. When it was secure and my wires were at the other end, The bead weaving begain again!!

To secure it on both ends, I wrapped the ends of the wires around the side of the frame work till they were tight, and made sure that when I cut the wire, I smoothed/flattened it out so it wouldng be pokey!!



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