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Vlaardingen, Zuid Holland, Netherlands
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Fuchsia Pink Cupcake with a center of Chocolate Ganache & Mascarpone buttercream on top!

I made these cupcakes as a test for my daughters upcoming 3rd birthday, I made these cupcakes with cupcakemix as the recipe on the box told me I only added a little Fuchsia Pink foodcoloring gel to the batter before I baked the cupcakes. After they were baked I Scooped the center out of the cupcakes with a melonballer and filled this with a spoon of chocolate ganache. I bought it, but it's easy to make by melting 100 gr. chocolate and after it's melted you pour the same amount of unwhipped single cream in it. Fold it together and when it's mixes properly it should have one color so not marbeld anymore. After that's done let it set in the fridge. I bought buttercream mix powder and made it as written on the package I only put in 1/3 butter 2/3 mascarpone cheese and I added some Fuchsia Pink food coloring after mixing it. I added the mascarpone to it to make it more creamy and rich and less butter tasting... I don't like that so much... TIP: first let the butter and mascarpone get roomtemperature and first whip the mascarpone & butter soft, and then put in the other ingredients or else it will get lumpy :S Iff not you will have to involve a wire sieve to get the lumps out...oops :P When your done put it in a piping bag, and let it set in the fridge for 30 min. or more, till it hardens enough to get a great thickenend swirl, I choose a big star shaped pipingbagtip but you can use whatever you like. When you start swirling from te inside it looks a bit like a rose. When you start swirling from the outside it wil have a icecone swirl like on the pictures :) I chose a Wibbly Pig picture because my daughter is nuts about this little pink piggy...So I found a cute picture on the internet, printed it on paper, then I rolled out my lightpink colored fondant on the plastic sheet (this will make the fondant come of easy when done) and I put the paper with image on top of the rolled out fondant, after that I used a exacto knife to cut it out. I made the shimmering pink cheeks, nose and eartips with edible pearldust which I bought in my local bakingshop :D My Daughter enjoyed this special Wibbly Pig Cupcake very much and the ganache heart inside made it taste like a little pie from a bakeshop... Delicious!



Poodle Cupcakes

Poodle Cupcakes

Professional results with ease...

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Red Eyed Tree Frog Cupcakes

Red Eyed Tree Frog Cupcakes

Cute little cupcakes that will make anybody's birthday a "hoppy" one!

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Bambi Cupcake

Bambi Cupcake

Ohh look at the lovely sleeping deer <3

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Duckie Baby Shower Cake

Duckie Baby Shower Cake

Red velvet cake filled and frosted with cream cheese frosting, decorated with basketweave sides, a shell border, and a yellow duckie on top

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Soft Animal Plush (Kitty And Husky)

Soft Animal Plush (Kitty And Husky)

more creations will be posted in my blog around xmas!

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Bird’s Nest Cupcakes

Bird’s Nest Cupcakes

Crafty Cupcakes

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