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Version This project is a version of Watermelon Converse by Nicole H.

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Nice 'n' Simple

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, , Australia
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Based on Watermelon Converse by Nicole H.

These look really cute!
My shoes were already grubby before i did this so that can be my justification for painting them.

c: Thanks for the great idea!
I recommend using fabric paints not acrylics like i did :3



DIY Galaxy Print Creepers

DIY Galaxy Print Creepers

Cost of cute platform sneakers online: $80 and up. Cost of making it yourself: less than $20!

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Galaxy Shoes

Galaxy Shoes

DIY shoes to blow you out of this world

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Space Shoes

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Floral Painted Shoes

Floral Painted Shoes

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White Out Heart On Sneakers

White Out Heart On Sneakers

I wanted to design these shoes. make them more original. so i did this........

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Paramore Converse!

Paramore Converse!

Painted converse!!! cheaper than buying ridiculously priced ones off the internet

♥ 18



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