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Great for baby shower!

I made this watermelon bassinet for my baby shower. It's very simple.

Take a pretty even sized watermelon and cut out the open corner.
Once cut open, scoop out or cut the watermelon out. Try to keep the cuts neat because you'll need them to fill the watermelon afterwards.

Store watermelons insides in a fridge.

Take some lace and measure it around the watermelon.
Use pins (with a ball on the end, so they don't disappear into the watermelon, that would be bad!) and secure the lace all the way around.

Measure another piece to go on the top, pin it down as well.

If you're going to make one, please make it the day before the shower to keep it fresh.

I put cantelope, grapes, honeydew, and the watermlon inside the bassinet.

Don't forget to bring something to scoop the fruit out because you don't want people picking at it with their hands.

For an even cuter look, slice whole oranges for wheels!


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Elizabeth B.
Elizabeth B. · London, GB · 2 projects
great idea. i love it!

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