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Version This project is a version of Wallet by verypurpleperson

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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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Based on Wallet by verypurpleperson

This wallet, for the most part, is based on a pattern by verypurpleperson. Making this was a test in patience... and sometimes I failed miserably! All that measuring and cutting... and then re-measuring and re-cutting! Ugg. But finally I got it, and I am so happy with the end result. Thanks again VPP:)

Dixie Wallet

Dixie Wallet

A handy wallet to carry all your essentials

♥ 5
Tri Fold Wallet

Tri Fold Wallet

The Terrific Tri-Fold Wallet

♥ 157
Patchworky Bifold Wallet

Patchworky Bifold Wallet

handy bifold wallet

♥ 382
Envelope Wallet

Envelope Wallet

A wallet that can find it's way back to you.

♥ 571
Cute Hand Made Potato Chip Bag Wallets

Cute Hand Made Potato Chip Bag Wallets

Recycled Wallets

♥ 12
Mini Wallet

Mini Wallet

Four pocket wallet perfect for credit cards and cash.

♥ 10



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