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Glasgow, City,
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Small cupcakes
Small blanket
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Click for recipe :)

Cupcakes: 125g butter, 125g sugar, 2 eggs - whisk. Fold in 125g self raising flour. Add for vanilla 1tsp vanilla essence; for watermelon 1tbsp watermelon syrup (try Monin watermelon syrup). Split mix into cupcake cases and bake at gas5 til lightly brown on top.

Vanilla Mallow Icing: 50g marshmallows, 50g butter melt, add 4tsp cold water and add icing sugar until mix is stiff. Pipe or spoon onto cupcakes (this icing does not stay the shape as piped though as in picture becomes a blob!) decorate with sugar strands.

Watermelon Icing: 75g butter, 1tbsp watermelon syrup, add icing sugar until mix is stuff and pipe. Decorate with pink sugar strands.


Spiderwebbed Cupcakes

Spiderwebbed Cupcakes

*Spiderwebbed Cupcakes*

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Tiffany Box Cakes

Tiffany Box Cakes

Tiffany box engagement party mini cakes.

♥ 50
Sunflower Cupcakes

Sunflower Cupcakes

A Great surprise at any Function!

♥ 39
Let's Bake Some Love Cupcakes

Let's Bake Some Love Cupcakes

Perfect for your loved ones!

♥ 41
Mario Mushroom Cupcakes!

Mario Mushroom Cupcakes!

As recommended by Mario & Luigi ;-)

♥ 278
Happy Feet Cupcakes!!!!

Happy Feet Cupcakes!!!!

Ramón: "We got personality, with a capital Y. Why? Because we're hot!"

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