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Wax Paper Crafts

Things to make using Wax Papers

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Resin Creations
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Resin Creations

Pretty little resin objects

♥ 399
Japanese Marshmallow Candy

Japanese Marshmallow Candy

Mini marshmallow Japanese-inspired candy.

♥ 231
Marilyn Monroe Polymer Pendant

Marilyn Monroe Polymer Pendant

Polymer image transfers

♥ 187
Resin Knitting Needles

Resin Knitting Needles

Resin Knitting Needles - TUTORIAL

♥ 175
Marshmallow Party Favors

Marshmallow Party Favors

Excellent and easy! cute for treats!

♥ 127

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Christmas Modpodge Switch Plate Covers

Mod Podge® Electrical Switch Plate covers for Christmas decorating

♥ 0
Geometric Necklace From Upcycled Gift Cards

Take those old giftcards and turn them into geometric jewelry.

♥ 11
Shrunken Skeleton Earrings

Turn a human skeleton drawing into shrink plastic skeleton earrings

♥ 22
Money Cakes

Make Cupcakes with a Hidden Treasure Inside

♥ 3
Light Planter

♥ 4
Gradient Nail Art

Easy gradient nails that are sure to turn heads!

♥ 31
Gum Paste Heel

cake topper

♥ 1
Meringue Cross

Cake topper

♥ 0
Homemade Blueberry Pie

Oooh the goodness of Blueberry Pie!

♥ 4
Favor Baskets

Tinkered Treasures

♥ 5
Canning Jar Pincushion

Tinkered Treasures

♥ 10
Starburst Candy Jawbreakers!!

So good you'll wanna break your teeth!

♥ 14
Fat Oreos

Peanut butter cup in an oreo covered in chocolate!

♥ 2
Baby Footprint Valentine

♥ 0
Heart Mobile

Ironing crayons and sewing papaer

♥ 35
Quick & Easy Peppermint Bark!

Yummie DIY chocolatey goodness- makes great gifts!

♥ 9
Basic Cake Pops

Cake Pops: Christmas

♥ 14
Pretty Presents Cake Pops

Have people guess what flavor is inside these little gifts.

♥ 7
Hanging Doilies

The perfect decoration for any season!

♥ 7
Pillowcase Dream Journal

At Home with Handmade Books

♥ 10
Sewing Notions Pincushion Book

At Home With Handmade Books

♥ 7
Travel Photo Album

Keep a selection of favorite trip photos handy to share with others.

♥ 7
My Perler Sprites

♥ 2
Splatter Paint Nails

Fun (and messy) nails for artist in you!

♥ 8
Animated GIF Nyan Cat Necklace

The "world's first animated GIF" lenticular necklace with audio for Lauren Out Loud!

♥ 91
Clay Cut Out Owl Pendant

Stamped Polymer Clay Pendants for Awesome Necklaces!

♥ 16
Wax Paper Candle Shade

great for a nightlight or just to add style to your room. simple to make

♥ 22
Charming Clay Flower Brooch

A pretty flower with a vintage touch to it.

♥ 14
Basic Resin Casting Tutorial

A basic how to for resin jewelry crafting

♥ 55
Faux Capiz Shell Lamp

Elegance for the economically strapped!

♥ 6
Waxed Paper Book Covers

Waxed paper book covers: a radvent tutorial!

♥ 24
Peanut Butter Balls

A bit like a miniature peanut butter rice krispy

♥ 22
Nyan Cat

meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow

♥ 13
Royal Wedding Cake

Bake and decorate your own royal wedding cake.

♥ 26
Make Your Own Reycled Cat Scratchingshelf

It will safe you a demolished household and some money.LOL

♥ 27
Japanese Marshmallow Candy

Mini marshmallow Japanese-inspired candy.

♥ 231
Recipe Holder

Popsicle stick craft

♥ 9
3 D Glasses!

Made with Perler Beads :)

♥ 2
Pacman Pegboard Coasters

Super geeky Pacman coasters!

♥ 57
Marshmallow Village

How to make marshmallow houses.

♥ 36
Frosting Rose

A rose made of frosting :) I'll post the how-to later.

♥ 29
Hummer Kazoo

i found this old book and they had some cool stuff to make soo i'd like to share it :)

♥ 6
Mod Podge Gift Chest

A Mod Podge gift chest - for less than 10 bucks.

♥ 91
U R A Cutie Pillow

Huggable, squeezable, kneelable, and pinchable XD

♥ 41
Polymer Clay Fairy Door

This is how you let the fairies into your home and attract them to your garden!

♥ 88
Whipped Cream Rings

Looks as delicious as the real thing =]

♥ 50
Heart Chocolates And Packaging

homemade chocolates

♥ 19
Choc Zombie Silouhette

Chocolate silhouettes you can make for just about anything.

♥ 44
Heart Shaped Bon Bons

Valentine's treat

♥ 5
Rainbow Brooch

Brighten up a rainy day outfit with a colourful rainbow pegboard brooch.

♥ 35
Purple Perler Keyboard Charms

sorry.. you can't play these.

♥ 1
Halloween Party Invites

All you need is a printer, coffee, and string!!

♥ 53
3 D Glasses Hama Necklace

Be retro cool with a super easy hama bead necklace.

♥ 102
Marshmallow Party Favors

Excellent and easy! cute for treats!

♥ 127
Screenprinted Shirts Using Wax Paper

Easy screenprinting with wax paper

♥ 82
Fantastic Fusion

♥ 1
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