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String Crafts

Things to make using Strings

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Alice In Wonderland Necklace
Vials >

Alice In Wonderland Necklace

definitely not poison

♥ 726
The Perfect Summer Necklace

The Perfect Summer Necklace

This is just the perfect necklace to go at the beach!

♥ 530
Penguin Locket

Penguin Locket

a cute little friend to wear

♥ 463
Feather Earrings

Feather Earrings

How To Make Feather Earrings

♥ 388
Metal Chain Bracelet

Metal Chain Bracelet

Easy to make! Make your own version of this fashionable bracelet.

♥ 362

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Mountain String Art

♥ 0
Planted Ampersand

Make an ampersand planter

♥ 1
D.I.Y Twig Windchime

Fun craft with dry twigs

♥ 3
Staryu Kusudama

♥ 2
Recycled Wine Cork Necklace

Create this recycled necklace with items you already have in your home

♥ 2
Antler Hatstands

Vintage Home

♥ 1
Wolf Wall Lamp


♥ 2
Origami Mobile

♥ 1
Teru Teru Bozu

A mini version of the Japanese weather wizard

♥ 1
How To Make A Luna Lovegood Cork Necklace

Make a necklace like everyone's favourite Ravenclaw!

♥ 3
State String And Nail Art On Canvas

Show some state love with this DIY canvas wall art tutorial!

♥ 4
Christmas Card Paper Ornament Ball

Upcycle old greeting cards to make fun, colorful ornaments!

♥ 3
Support For A Climber (Willow)

A very easy and simple yet pretty support for your own climber plant!

♥ 2
Glitter Bow Pasta Garland

How to make a sweet glitter garland from pasta bows

♥ 3
Mumma And Me

♥ 0
Robin Hood Arrow Pouch

Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen...

♥ 2
Beaded Loops Bracelet

A simple companion for your wrist.

♥ 24
1910s Dress

♥ 1
Illusion Headband

Is it magical beads, a headband, or something else?

♥ 8
Mason Jar Travel Cups

These charming travel cups make great gifts or wedding favors.

♥ 22
String Lanterns

Whimsical lights to make any space feel a little romantic.

♥ 42
Felt Ball Garland

A simple, sweet garland to add some personality to your room.

♥ 1
Sea Glass Mobile

♥ 0
Wall Of Rainbow Koi

No money for real pools of koi? Make this instead.

♥ 152
Alternate Mini Tp Journal

Another fun and easy journal.

♥ 1
Mini Tp Journal

So simple and so fun!

♥ 2
Tissue Pom Pom Decorations

I know these are on here somewhere, but I couldnt find a how to so decided to share :)

♥ 7
Dreamcatcher Diy

Make your own whimsical dreamcatcher with left over craft supplies!

♥ 20
How To: Valentines Day

The perfect, quirky, cheesy, cheap gift that says I love you

♥ 1
Infinite Glitter Bracelet

Make a Infinite Glitter Bracelet

♥ 33
Braided Bead Necklace

Braided bead necklace

♥ 6
Bass String Bookmark

♥ 1
Strawberry To Grocery Bag

Diy: easy to carry grocery bag via strawberry

♥ 7
Macabre Steampunk Brainwave Mask

♥ 7
Halloween Mobile

♥ 3
Eco Friendly Magazine Bead Necklace

Fun to make and Eco friendly

♥ 1
Ball Of Roses

♥ 5
Fairy Tooth Necklace

♥ 0
Spring Festival Double Hippie Headband

Pearl Hippie Headband Great For That Flapper Girl Great Gatsby Look

♥ 6
Diy Party Decorations   Balloon Centrepiece

Make your own balloon centrepiece for a circus themed party or any kids party

♥ 2
Minnie Mouse Necklace

♥ 0
Easy 3 D Embroidery

A good begginer's embroidery project to jazz up a simple outfit.

♥ 9
Lucky Dolls

I collect lucky dolls, so I bought stuff to make them by myself :)

♥ 4
Diy: Easy Beaded Bracelet

Cute, fun, and easy bracelets with a video tutorial!

♥ 5
Necklace From Old Earrings

For all the single dangly earrings.

♥ 5
Wall Art

A cool way to spice up your 'To Do' board :)

♥ 4
Handmade Book

♥ 2
My Altered Heart

Wear your Mixed Media!

♥ 4
Campfire Starters

Easy to make campfire starters from items you normally throw away.

♥ 5
Make Your Own Lucky Leftover Chicken Leg!

Rabbit's feet are too mainstream!

♥ 7
Make Your Own String Doll!

Forget those expensive string dolls! Make your own, personalized string dolls! (Not intended for voodoo! ;P)

♥ 149
Rope Scarf

Is it weird to have a bunch of rope lying around the house?

♥ 12
Diy Necklaces   Bib Chunky Pearl Necklace

This DIY necklaces tutorial aims to teach you a simple method to make a glamorous chunky pearl necklace for wedding and important celebration parties.

♥ 14
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