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Masking Tape Crafts

Things to make using Masking Tapes

Top Projects

Fabric Printing

Fabric Printing

Print any image on to fabric.

♥ 439
Swirl Nail Art Using Water

Swirl Nail Art Using Water

Messy and pretty

♥ 390
Comic Book Cushions

Comic Book Cushions

Give your guests a comic book cushion to keep them entertained and make them comfortable.

♥ 388
Colored Pencil Bracelet

Colored Pencil Bracelet

Who needs coloring books when you can accessorize!

♥ 302
Stripey Pants On The Cheap
Jeans >

Stripey Pants On The Cheap

For those of us who wear bright trousers, but ain't paying £30+ for them.

♥ 299

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Making A Pumpkin Mask Pt.1, The Form

Pumpkinhead part 1

♥ 0
Diy Striped Jeans

Add some flair to an old pair of jeans!

♥ 2
Sugar Skull Pumpkin

Create a beautiful but creepy Pumpkin!

♥ 0
Pumpkin Head

♥ 2
Cat Ring

Molly - Cat ears turn this simple wire ring into something extra special.

♥ 50
Drawing Machine


♥ 1
Diy Modern Salt Dough Hearts

Bake and decorate salt dough hearts

♥ 9
Diy Love Card

Tell somebody you love them!

♥ 1
Diy Photo Cards

Personalize your cards :)

♥ 0
Turn A Book Into A Hangable Canvas

Have books? Need something to paint on? Here's your answer!

♥ 25

Make Your Mark

♥ 4
Cameo Brooch

by Sophie Strong

♥ 2
Organizer Boxes

easy and cool organicer boxes

♥ 4
Cheap Origami Owl Locket

♥ 2
Bookshelf Pendent

♥ 5
Diy Alice + Olivia Starbucks Tutu Mug :3

The perfect DIY for all the STARBUCKS lovers out there! :3

♥ 3
Bow Tie Box

Create a lovely home for your bow tie collection!

♥ 2
Mason Jar Change Bank

Create a pretty way to pinch your pennies!

♥ 0
Maka Albarn Scythe

♥ 2
Vinyl Tube Bracelet

Studs & Pearls

♥ 1
Hanging Chair

DIY Furniture 2

♥ 105
Button Boots

Fresh Prints

♥ 2
Fridge Makeover

Renters unite in the spirit of DIY!

♥ 0
Cube Bookends

Make It Your Own

♥ 15
Desktop Organizer

from shoe box to pretty stationery holder

♥ 7
Upcycled Roped Vase

Create a vase from a recycled container.

♥ 0
Diy Lyrics Tote Bag

Wearable Music Project

♥ 9
Kawaii Sketch Book

♥ 4
Sparkly Tamagotchi!

Makes you actually want to replace that old run down battery.

♥ 3
Painted Rocks

From river rock to decorative object

♥ 2
Wooden Geometric Tiles

These wooden geometric tiles are quick and simple to make and are a colourful toy for some open ended play.

♥ 2
Laptop Skin

DIY Laptop skin, cheap and 100% unique!

♥ 5
Fey Horns

♥ 3
Beaded Blue Lily

♥ 7
Recycled Golden Storage Canisters

Don't let those plastic containers go to waste!

♥ 3
Diy Faux Deer Taxidermy Piece

Made from mostly clay & wire

♥ 16
Mario Planter Box

Video game craft = win #12

♥ 20
Diy Felt Mistletoe

♥ 0
Beyond Believix

♥ 2
Etsy Fashion Show

♥ 2

How to make your own Nutcracker Prince

♥ 1
Diy Dinosaur Handbag

You know THAT Giles Deacon handbag? Make a snazzy version for yourself.

♥ 54
This Is An Egg

♥ 0
White Rim Pots

Jazz up those boring terracotta pots with this project

♥ 2
Faux Moss Word

Create your own faux moss word with this easy to follow tutorial

♥ 11
American Flag Shoes

I made these for a friend from Spain, and she loved them! And so will you...

♥ 1
Brass Knuckle Cord Tidy

♥ 1
Lantern Earrings

♥ 3
Beaded Sun Drop Flower

♥ 2
How To: Boo Piñata

Video game craft = win #11

♥ 19
Pet Food Mat

Catch all your pet's eating mess with this simple and cute food mat

♥ 1
Polka Dot Glasses

Decorate those plain glass tumblers and make them a whole lot more fun by adding some gold polka dots.

♥ 4
Light Up Carnival Sign

an easy and customizable marquee sign

♥ 14
Folk Art Bowls

Simple Printmaking

♥ 18
Pretty Signage For Craft Fairs

Create your own eye catching signage for your craft fair display

♥ 7
Toilet Roll Pencil Case

Recycle empty toilet rolls and make this cute pencil case!

♥ 85
Metal Stamped Necklace

A cheeky necklace made with stamped metal.

♥ 11
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