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Jeans Crafts

Things to make using Jeans

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Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans

Resize your baggy jeans in to a pair of skinny jeans!

♥ 849
Tie Dye Jeans!

Tie Dye Jeans!

Very original jeans, that are fun to make and worth it.

♥ 519
Make Jeans Tighter

Make Jeans Tighter

tighten those jeans in 4 easy steps

♥ 421
From Jeans To Skirt And A Bag.

From Jeans To Skirt And A Bag.

from old to new

♥ 392
All American Slashed Skinny Jeans

All American Slashed Skinny Jeans

Follow these steps.

♥ 347

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Pink Polka Dot Jeans

Update your solid color jeans!

♥ 0
Denim Fabric Basket

♥ 2
Diy: Pom Pom Jeans

How to Refashion Your Denim with Fun Pom Poms

♥ 0
Diy: Cutoff Shorts With Flair!

How to refashion you old jeans into cutoffs with flair.

♥ 5
Denim Blanket ~ A Simple Serger Project

Because I could never get those pesky corners to line up!

♥ 2
Snatch ‘Em & Patch ‘Em Jeans

Flower child flair in a jiffy!

♥ 0
Old Flare Jeans Into Dark Blue Skinny Jeans

Take your jeans from the 2000s to the 2010s.

♥ 0
Bell Bottoms

♥ 0
Bohemian Bells…

the perfect match to my bistro to boho lace top!

♥ 4
Diy Skinny Jeans

Easy as four seams!

♥ 4
Butterfly Cushion

made for a friend's birthday

♥ 3
Diy Maxi Skirt

Turn your jeans into a maxi skirt

♥ 5
[Diy] Animal Pattern Jeans

How to bleach an animal pattern onto your jeans

♥ 8
Denim Mini Skirt Refashion

Just the right amount of grunge

♥ 4
Ruffled Denim Skirt Refashion

A nice mix of scruffy and ruffly

♥ 28
Artist Bag From Jeans

♥ 1
How To Make Your Jeans Look Skinnier


♥ 3
Necktie Hemmed Jeans (with optional matching back pocket)

Necktie Hemmed Jeans

♥ 5
Baby Boy Jeans

♥ 0
Born To Be Fringe Shorts

When winter hits hard its time for wishful thinking shorts.

♥ 0
Bodacious Button Bangles

Super scrap busting!

♥ 11
Diy Polka Dot Jeans

Revamp your jeans

♥ 12
Skinny To Bell Bottom Jeans

Bell Bottom Blues, don't say goodbye!

♥ 2
Bootcut To Skinny Jeans

Let Your Footware Take Center Stage

♥ 8
Diy Patched Skinny Jeans

Update a pair of black skinnies by adding patches and zippers.

♥ 8
Ripped, Lace Skinnys

Give your black skinny jeans a new life

♥ 33
Christmas Stocking

♥ 1
Stitching Them Skinny

An easy method for turning boot cut jeans into skinnies

♥ 9
Jeans Backpack

♥ 2
Diy Heart Print Jeans

Printed Denim for Every Sweetheart

♥ 35
Diy Front Zip Denim

An alternative hem for those "too long on me!" jeans

♥ 15
Phone/Camera Charger Holders

I needed a separate 'bag' for my phone + charger, and my camera + charger...and this is what I came up with!

♥ 3
Minion Hoodie

A cute minion hoodie/costume for Halloween

♥ 21
Split Black & White Jeans

Dye paint your jeans!

♥ 7
Deathly Hallows Jeans

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows inspired jeans

♥ 5
Make House Slippers Out Of Fabric

Make House Slippers Out Of Fabric

♥ 3
Turn Denim Jeans Into A Denim Bag

Old jeans lying around useless? Change them into something new and useful!

♥ 3
Diy Ruffle Mini Skirts

♥ 2
Drawstring Denim Bag

Simple but cute drawstring denim bag

♥ 2
My Summer Shorts~

♥ 1
Diy Heart Patterned Jeans

Friends, this project is a must do. It's easy (I did the whole thing during baby's afternoon nap). It's cheap (under $8, including the jeans). And you're gonna look CUTE.

♥ 29
Diy Crop Top   Recycling Old Jeans Legs

Fake Balmain and recycle jeans scraps

♥ 168
Skinny Jeans


♥ 7

♥ 3
Bell Bottoms To Skinny Jeans

Tired of your perfect soft jeans and wanna switch things up? Make them Skinny!

♥ 6
Denim Basket (Up Cycle Old Jeans)

Denim Basketfrom old jeans and wool thread

♥ 9
Denim Bag

♥ 4
Painted And Sewn Flower Embellishments From Recycled Jeans

Use an old pair of leather pants and an old pair of jeans to die cut and create unique accessories

♥ 5
Zippered Long Shorts

♥ 3
Denim Blanket From Upcycled Jeans

It’s like a blue daisy…. Right?

♥ 13
Dip Dyed Cut Offs

take your jeans from winter to summer by making some awesome summer cut offs!

♥ 30
Diy Patched Jeans

Transform your old ripped jeans into cute and fashionable patched jeans.

♥ 10
Floral Jeans

Flower print jeans made with stencils and fabric paint - perfect for spring & summer!

♥ 74
Denim Bows

Easy to make bows for many purposes!

♥ 5
Heart Jeans

♥ 2
Punk/Rock Denim Bag

♥ 20
Corset From Old Jeans

Refashion, yay!

♥ 32
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