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Craft Projects using Embroidery Floss

Top Projects

Panda Plushie

Panda Plushie

Sew an adorable panda.

♥ 591
Diy Edge Of Urge Feather Earring (Celeb Style)

Diy Edge Of Urge Feather Earring (Celeb Style)

customizable earring, as seen on celebs like Lucy Hale in seventeen magazine! make your own now!

♥ 366
Zombiebot Plushie

Zombiebot Plushie

Crochet a cute little Zombiebot.

♥ 293


Mechanobot is a hard worker

♥ 289
Mummy Cat Plushie

Mummy Cat Plushie

The Ancient Egyptians worshiped cats and mummified their bodies.

♥ 281

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Beads And Buttons Necklace

a bit of whimsy and nostalgia to wear around your neck!

♥ 1
Birch Bark Leaves

Crafting with Nature

♥ 1
Snow Wind Cold Home

bookmarks embroidered balder

♥ 0
Sugar Skull Book Bag

♥ 6
Diy| Radiant Orchid Bracelet

♥ 1
Wrapped Wire Charm Bracelet

Earthy and charming

♥ 7
Queen Of Hearts

Abbygale Sews

♥ 0
Walnut Baby Ornament

Rock-a-bye baby on a tree top!

♥ 8
Penguin Ornaments

So easy to make, these little guys are created from the fingertips of a black glove.

♥ 24
Christmas Stockings

♥ 3
Paper Covered Mini Composition Books

Decorated Mini Comp Book

♥ 6
Mini Notebooks

Little Printable Animal Notebooks

♥ 2
Vintage Felt Camera Case

♥ 0
Cloud Cards

♥ 3
Yoda Bag

"Do or do not. There is no try."

♥ 47
Diy: Tassel Earrings

Tassels aren't just for home decor. Make these awesome earrings with a few inexpensive supplies.

♥ 11
Tiny Turtle Is Tiny

♥ 6
Rolled Pencil Case


♥ 8
Doctor Who Tardis Embroidery Diy

stitch up a TARDIS and some adorable adipose to hang on your wall!

♥ 6
Friendship Bands...:)

ahhh so cute........made them for my friends....

♥ 3
Even More Bracelets

♥ 1

Handmade Glamping

♥ 8
Sleeping On Clouds Pillowcases

Knot Thread Stitch

♥ 7
Fox Cross Stitch

embroider a little fox motif

♥ 33
Hedgehog Craft Bag

Folk Art Needlecraft

♥ 78
Heart Shaped Pincushion

for creepy tailors like me :D

♥ 7
Knit Friendship Bracelet

An Easy Knitting Project - Great for Kids and Adults That Like Cool Stuff

♥ 12
Sock Doll

♥ 1

Hamster greets the world with a mischievous smile.

♥ 76
Rilakkuma Felt Plushie

♥ 14
Cassette Note Pad

turn your old cassette tapes into something useful

♥ 0
Recycled Cd Note Book

turn those free old CDs into a cool note pad/book

♥ 0
Crocheted Chick

make a cute gift or deoration

♥ 0
Kitty Ear Bud Pouch

dont let your earphones get tangled any more

♥ 1
Tangle Free Earbuds

♥ 8
Felt Message Banner

Delight in the Seasons

♥ 3

♥ 8
Paper Spiky Ball Ornament

to decorate any room or tree

♥ 0
Lion Plush

♥ 0
Sewn Bunny

sewn rabbit with floppy legs

♥ 0
Bear Coin Purse

Keep your pennies in one place with a cute handmade zipper pouch!

♥ 10
Meditating Lady In Space Canvas

♥ 4
Totoro Phone Case

♥ 21
Sublime Stitch Contest

♥ 3
Shelf Elf

Will your elf be good or mischievous?

♥ 21
3d Embellished Dress

I love the way 3D floral embellishments look on dresses, but they're always a little too pricey, so I decided to DIY it!

♥ 16
Scalloped Edge Purse

DIY scalloped edge purse.

♥ 19
Celtic Pillow

♥ 0
Cat Shoes

Stitch a cute pair of cat shoes.

♥ 30
Family Round Robin

♥ 1
Baby's First Christmas Felt Ornament

What new mom wouldn't love this sweet, handmade, custom ornament for baby's first Christmas???

♥ 2
Diy Pottery Barn Snow Man Pillow

♥ 0
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