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Embroidery Floss Crafts

Things to make using Embroidery Flosses

Top Projects

Panda Plushie

Panda Plushie

Sew an adorable panda.

♥ 593
Diy Edge Of Urge Feather Earring (Celeb Style)

Diy Edge Of Urge Feather Earring (Celeb Style)

customizable earring, as seen on celebs like Lucy Hale in seventeen magazine! make your own now!

♥ 366


Mechanobot is a hard worker

♥ 295
Zombiebot Plushie

Zombiebot Plushie

Crochet a cute little Zombiebot.

♥ 294
Mummy Cat Plushie

Mummy Cat Plushie

The Ancient Egyptians worshiped cats and mummified their bodies.

♥ 282

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Pin Cushion Thimble Necklace

Crafty and Cute!

♥ 0
Geo Glittered Throw Pillow

Something you'd find in a genie's bottle.

♥ 0
Faces for Amigurumi Part 1: Using Safety Eyes And Simple Embroidery

This amigurumi face is super cute and easy to do!

♥ 0
Squirrel Amigurumi

An easy pattern for an adorable squirrel amigurumi.

♥ 1
Friendship Bracelet

Simple Diagonal Stripe Friendship Bracelet

♥ 6
Avg Portrait

♥ 1
Philippe The Whale Pillow

Little One Yard Wonders

♥ 1
How To Embroider A Lazy Daisy

Make your clothes pop with some hand embroidered daisies.

♥ 6
Cuddly Sun

A crochet sun that's sure to brighten your day!

♥ 8
Rainbow Donkey

It's a donkey. It's a unicorn. It's a donkicorn!

♥ 11
Strawberry Pin Cushion

Sweet and Sassy

♥ 5
Cross Stitch Purse

Vintage Inspired Cross-stitch purse!

♥ 31
Cross Stitch Card

Cross Stitch a Greeting Card!

♥ 6
Octopus Tote

♥ 2
Embroidering On Canvas   Rainbow Dash

Embroider Wall Art.

♥ 4
Fox And Cubs

Super-Cute Felt Animals

♥ 13
Easy Hoop Art

Make Your Art, And Hang It Too!

♥ 7
Crochet Bunny Lovey

A cute and cuddly friend for the little one in your life

♥ 7
Skinny Laptop Sleeve

Protect your laptop from scratches with a pretty skinny sleeve!

♥ 10
Gulla’alla The Koala

Sew Together Grow Together

♥ 3
Crochet Cookies

Crochet cookies give you an excuse to play with your food!

♥ 2
Child's Drawing Embroidery

Stitch over a child's artwork for a unique embroidery!

♥ 3
Beginners Embroidery Hoop

Anybody can stitch! Even you.

♥ 7
Kidney Plushy

♥ 1
Hands Free Leather Pockets

Awesome alternative to a boring purse

♥ 1
Friends Are A Hoot

♥ 3
Beads And Buttons Necklace

a bit of whimsy and nostalgia to wear around your neck!

♥ 15
Birch Bark Leaves

Crafting with Nature

♥ 1
Snow Wind Cold Home

bookmarks embroidered balder

♥ 0
Sugar Skull Book Bag

♥ 7
My Little Pony Sock Plush

Make your own little pony plush!

♥ 52
Wrapped Wire Charm Bracelet

Earthy and charming

♥ 8
Queen Of Hearts

Abbygale Sews

♥ 1
Embroidered Skeleton Tote

♥ 13
Red Heart Pouch

♥ 1
Embroidered Lung Bag

♥ 3
Walnut Baby Ornament

Rock-a-bye baby on a tree top!

♥ 9
Penguin Ornaments

So easy to make, these little guys are created from the fingertips of a black glove.

♥ 24
Christmas Stockings

♥ 3
Paper Covered Mini Composition Books

Decorated Mini Comp Book

♥ 6
Mini Notebooks

Little Printable Animal Notebooks

♥ 2
Vintage Felt Camera Case

♥ 0
Cloud Cards

♥ 3
Owl Bag

♥ 2
Yoda Bag

"Do or do not. There is no try."

♥ 48
Diy: Tassel Earrings

Tassels aren't just for home decor. Make these awesome earrings with a few inexpensive supplies.

♥ 12
Tiny Turtle Is Tiny

♥ 6
Rolled Pencil Case


♥ 11
Doctor Who Tardis Embroidery Diy

stitch up a TARDIS and some adorable adipose to hang on your wall!

♥ 8
Felt Bib(S)

Something pretty you can make yourself! There are many ways it can be done,but this is my preferred method!

♥ 3
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