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Bullet Crafts

Things to make using Bullets

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Bullet Shell Ring

♥ 3
Time Bullet!

♥ 5
Beaded Bullet Keychain

A creative, handmade use for a bullet casing

♥ 4
Bullet Cuff Links

A shot of class for a night out...

♥ 21
Bullet Pen

♥ 6
Fairy Keepsake Jar
Jars >

Perfect for centerpieces.

♥ 10
Shoot 'Em Up Jewellery

♥ 4
Shotgun Shell Jewelry

Jewelry with a bang! Shotgun shells made into a necklace, bracelet and rings

♥ 120
Bullet Jewelry

Recycling Bullet Casings into Jewelry

♥ 65