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Square small trousrs
Square small flower dress
Square small dress at col
Fushia Pink 1950's Style Inspired Dress with 3D Flower

For my University summer project I was to create a garment. I decided to make a 1950's style dress as I was inspired by the shape and style of them. I created a 3D flower to the middle of the dress to create something different and to add in my own style. I love making 3D flowers from fabric, its something I enjoy making. Underneath the dress I have created a tutu so that the dress puffs out. I loved making this garment. I think I'm going to sew one again for myself in black. The fabric was lovely to sew and its hangs well.



Dress Made From Socks!

Dress Made From Socks!

Why Throw away socks, when you can do so much with them!!! This is my outfit for a long awaited night out!!

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Inside Out Dress

Inside Out Dress

You can wear it both ways!!!!!

♥ 67
1920's Inspired Dress

1920's Inspired Dress

Perfect for a Halloween costume

♥ 4
Simple Dress

Simple Dress

A really simple dress -- just straps and a clasp :]

♥ 123
No Sew Dress

No Sew Dress

make a dress out of an old t-shirt, and then wear the t-shirt again!

♥ 569
Diy Frilly Summer Dress

Diy Frilly Summer Dress

Upcycle an extra long skirt into a super cute dress!

♥ 69



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