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Under the sea theme makeup art

This is under the sea makeup art. Its very simple to do.

You need:
Blue eye Shadow
Blue glitter
Eye lash glue
Full fake eye lash
Star confetti
Eye liner (colour of your choice)
lipstick of your choice



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    1st:You might need a helping hand to apply the eyelash.
    2nd:You apply the blue shadow on the eyelid.
    3rd:You use some eyelash glue to apply the glitter just on top of the eyelash line.
    4th:You will use thew eyelash glue again to apply the stars, i used three but you may use Less or more if you would like to.
    5th:You may now add the mascara to your eyelash to blend the face one and your own as one, then add the eyeliner.
    6th: Now add lipstick of your choice and your foundation if you want and there you have it, under the sea theme look.

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