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Nice 'n' Simple

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Maastricht, Limburg, NL
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I'm so cute! You will want to hug me!

I couldn't find my phone case so I decided to crochet a new one. As I usually find owls really cute, I tried to make it look like one. And I really think it looks well.
If there's any questions about how I made it, feel free to ask. Unfortunately I didn't think of taking pictures as I was making it. It was a project that I added things to as I was going along, so no real how-to either.

Anyway, hope it can be an inspiration to some of you!



Minion Phone Cozy Diy

Minion Phone Cozy Diy

My phone is now a minion. Yours could be too!

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Cinderella Carriage Phone Case

Cinderella Carriage Phone Case

Cute and elegant

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Diy Felt Phone Case

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Polaroid Phone Case

Polaroid Phone Case

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Plush Phone Case

Plush Phone Case

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Felt Cell Phone Pouch

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