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Livingston, Louisiana, US
Tychus Hat
Super simple, knitted hat for beginners!

I saw a tutorial on making a simple Tychus hat here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaMH6WSqK8k

I increased the size by casting on 44 stitches and decreasing each row until it was down to 22 stitches. I made 4 sections then sewed the together. It's super simple for a beginner who is intimidated by circular needles and hard-to-read patterns!

Jeweled Knit Beanie

Jeweled Knit Beanie

Infuse new life into a basic hat with this simple technique.

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Decode Hat

Decode Hat

The hat that the lead singer was wearing!

♥ 206
R2D2 Hat

R2D2 Hat

Beep be-boop!

♥ 23
Cables And Ladders

Cables And Ladders

An awesome hat that I once designed for one of my brothers.

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Puff Stitch Hat

Puff Stitch Hat

A cute crochet puff stitch hat.

♥ 34
Diy  "No Dye" Tie Dye Beanie

Diy "No Dye" Tie Dye Beanie

A fun, easy way to jazz up a plain white beanie

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