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Nice 'n' Simple

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Two very different pairs of earrings

White heart earrings:
I glued sequins and pearls (or beads, whatever) on a heart-shaped piece of white felt and then added the earring hooks.

Leopard print earrings:
I painted two pieces of polymer clay with nailpolish. It's better to use real paint, but at that point I didn't have any, so nailpolish worked fine. Plus, it added a nice shine to the earrings!



Foam Core Jewelry

Foam Core Jewelry

Foam Core Jewelry!

♥ 28
Felt Leaf Earrings

Felt Leaf Earrings

For wannabe woodland nymphs

♥ 3
Foam Jewellery

Foam Jewellery

Ironic, nostalgic earrings that will make you feel eight years old again!

♥ 10
Foam Kitty Earrings

Foam Kitty Earrings

Cute Earrings Made out of Foam

♥ 4
Fabric Flowers

Fabric Flowers

Fabric Earrings to add some colour to any outfit

♥ 5
Felt Heart Earrings

Felt Heart Earrings

A heart felt gift for one of my customers

♥ 11



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