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Version This project is a version of Twilight Shirt: Imprinted by Mvndres

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Pretty Easy

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Fairborn, Ohio
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Based on Twilight Shirt: Imprinted by Mvndres

I made a stencil instead and used puffy paint to paint it on. just testing things out. then i took some wolf paw prints and made little tracks on the back of the shirt in gold glitter puffy paint. i think it's cute. great idea though.


Diy Chanel T Shirt

Diy Chanel T Shirt

chanel t.shirt, tee, diy

♥ 15
Little Mermaid Crop Top

Little Mermaid Crop Top

Ariel's Seashell Bikini Shirt!

♥ 19
True Blood Merlotte's T Shirt

True Blood Merlotte's T Shirt

Look like a waitress from True Blood with a Merlotte's bar & grill t-shirt!

♥ 94
Classic Tank Girl Shirt

Classic Tank Girl Shirt

T-Shirt with Tank Girl Logo

♥ 101
One Direction Tshirt

One Direction Tshirt

All directioners need a proper ONE DIRECTION tshirt...Can't find one in the shops? Make one!

♥ 20
Galaxy T Shirt 2

Galaxy T Shirt 2

Nebula Galaxy Space

♥ 22



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